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We proudly offer Natural Stacks Products because we take them daily (CILTEP and MagTech FTW) and can't recommend them enough!

Here's what makes Natural Stacks different... Their innovative formulas feature only the most bioavailable, clinically supported, all-natural ingredients. They create supplements with unrivaled transparency and open-source labeling which means you know exactly what you're putting into your body.
Follow this link to see all of their awesome products.
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Open-Source Supplements


Limu ©

My wife, Alene, is a Limu Promoter and we love their healthy energy drinks! It's like drinking a multi-vitamin.

Follow this link to her website for more information.



I was looking for the latest health monitor for my Biohacking experiments and this is what I found. The Helo LX is a device that can monitor your Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Sleep Cycles, Mood (HRV), Remote monitoring of loved ones, an S.O.S. alert mode that sends your GPS location and it can even perform an EKG.
It has an Open API and an AppStore where you can find additional Apps. They have updates coming soon like a Blood Sugar monitor, Blood Alcohol Level and Mosquito repellent.

Follow this link for more information...

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